Access to data and information is not only a prerequisite for CBD reporting but also for wise decision making at the national and regional/local level. Informa tion and data need to be reliable and of reasonable quality. Biodiversityinformationsystemsandknowledgesharingplatformsarealsoanintegral part of the CBD Parties that ratified the CBD are encouraged to establish knowledge sharing and information exchange services at the national level. The SSBIN, stands for South Sumatra Biodiversity Information Network,was designed to fulfill these requirements. In the future, the SSBIN would like to provide biodiversity data and support national biodiversity information system through Indonesian Biodiversity Information Facility (InaBIF)

SSBINwas initiated by the GIZ-BIOCLIME project of the German Corporation for International Cooperation and supports governmental agencies, NGOs and academia in South Sumatra in sharing knowledge about biological diversity. The University of Sriwijaya lead the development of this biodiverity information network in South Sumatra. The goal is to create an easily accessible database with reliable information on biodiversity, including species names and their hierarchical classification, but also not limited to their distribution in South Sumatra.

Working together with the University of Hamburg and other stakeholders in South Sumatra, the development of SSBIN was started at 2016. During this year, team from University of Sriwijaya conducted some focus group discussion and field surveys in order to collect data of biodiversity at different types of habitat in South Sumatra.

SSBIN will be a significant contribution to the scientific infrastructure that is fundamental to the description, conservation, and management of the South Sumatra’s biodiversity. Use of the SSBIN will facilitate sharing of biological information among researchers and cooperating agencies by providing a common framework for biodiversity data.

If you have any further information and/or questions regarding biodiversity in South Sumatra, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also contact us at te Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the University of Sriwijaya, Jl. Palembang-Prabumulih KM 32, Inderalaya, Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra Indonesia 30662 or via email at admin@ssbin.unsri.ac.id